Trumpism's ongoing quest to render actual conservatism obsolete cannot succeed
To say 1968 was a pivotal year is a colossal understatement
The National Conservatism Statement of Principles says some of the right things, but creeps me out for a couple of reasons
Democrats have utterly failed to provide voters an alternative to Trumpism
There is indeed a basic architecture to the universe, and we're flouting it
It's not merely escapist to strive for some personal contentment in these undeniably unsettling times
It's a mixed bag, and it seems uncertain that it grasps the profound changes occurring in the world order
Does anybody else notice that it's getting really weird?
They were supposed to be the sensitive rock and rollers; hell, they were as feral as any other kind
Every societal force for which I feel affinity ultimately comes up short
At issue is whether the reinvention of human nature is a settled question
Relativism has brought us to the brink of despair